It's more than a just a party

Welcome to our party/event department called EPG parties

Here at Entertainment and Promotion Group we have a whole department dedicated for event execution and promotions. We offer services ranging from VDJ/host, A/V set-up and take-down to Promotion P2P and online. We hire top-end DJ/VDJ/AV Technicians to make sure your event runs seamlessly without flaw. We acquired only top-end brand of equipment to ensure quality in sound and visuals.

Why EPG parties?

This department handles but is not limited to just setup/takedown of all A/V equipment. It provides high quality services to bring the wow factor to any event via conferences's, banquets, trade shows, weddings, night club etc...
We strive to bring you quality into your events, because sometime it is more than just a party.
We only hire experienced technicians. We can accommodate crowds from 20 to 1000.
All our stage monitor and speakers are placed perfectly to project your message or to entertain your guest or clients. Meanwhile keeping social distancing in mind and keeping it safe in these times.
Check out our zoom virtual stream package. Where we stream your event live or record to upload and send to guest/clients later.

When your event needs to be more than just a party.

Corporate events

Grand openings


Annual Corporate



Product launching

When things happen and a celebration is a must.

Private events


Mile Stone 


Pod Cast

Sweet 16


Things you need to get your party lit. 

Club, Promotions, & 
In-House Events

Recording / MixTapes

 VDJ / Night Club


Our in-house Events


JET BLUE Annual company party

EPG DJs had my co work jamming all night long. So much so that they did not want to go home. What an awesome party!

 Party Testimonial


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